Clean Up/Grading/Soil Preparation

The initial phase of any landscape project is the most vital. Making sure all the proper preparation is taken care of in the beginning will provide the groundwork for the rest of the project.

Clean Up

All old unwanted hardscape and debris will be removed, recycled or reused/repurposed if possible either onsite or at the recycling center. We will assess and clear any dead, dying or diseased trees and shrubs to make room for a new healthy landscape. The site will then be prepared for any new hardscape or planting/turf areas.


After the space is cleaned up, we carefully grade all areas making sure to keep positive drainage away from all structures and problem areas. Dry creek beds, swales, bioswales, complete drainage systems and other erosion control issues will be handled at this time.

Soil Preparation

We pride ourselves in providing your landscape with the best blend of soil amendments to prepare for your future softscape. All planting and turf area are rototilled and amended with appropriate materials to create the right balance for the plants and turf we install for you.


The hardscape is often the foundation for a gorgeous landscape. Let us help you explore the best solutions for your space and your vision.


With flagstone being our specialty, we take great care creating a natural looking space in any part of your project. Whether it be a grand entertaining space, a meandering path, or a small nook, our flagstone work is all done with great craftsmanship and the finished product is always fantastic. We can also create spectacular paver and brick patio spaces of any size and shape. We use only the best pavers and stones to customize colors and textures that compliment your landscape.
Pathways of any size, shape and material are great way to get around and share your landscape with others. Let us show you some unique options pathways options that can bring the eye to the points in your yard you most want to highlight!


When you need a retaining wall, call Dreamscape. Retaining walls are often seen as a necessity but in in the right hands can become things of beauty. If you need a decorative raised bed or just a simple retaining wall to terrace a hillside we can get the job done. We professionally install gravity stack, natural stone and wood retaining walls to improve the appearance and safety of any space that needs a retaining system.


Dreamscape will always take great care when developing a drainage or irrigation plan. The space is analyzed and appropriate materials are carefully chosen to fit the landscapes needs.


Drainage is a critical part of any landscape because water can be very destructive when not properly retained. Whether it is a French drain, a sump pump or collecting water from down spouts or other runoff, we can install the system you need. We are well versed in Rain Water Retention and can offer some great ideas regarding the collection and redistribution of rainwater in your current landscape or your new project.


Automatic sprinkler and drip systems are installed with high quality controllers and remote control valves. Specific areas and watering requirements are carefully planned out and set up on appropriate schedules to fill those needs. With increasing pressures to conserve water, our goal is to prepare for the future by installing low volume irrigation systems now. Our excellence in design and installation of these systems, with the use of finest products around, helps us achieve those goals.


You don’t have to stop enjoying your new landscape when the sun goes down! To bring your landscape to life at night, we have many creative solutions for you. Stunning copper fixtures light your patio and pathways, up-lights at the base of trees create nightscapes in the canopy of branches, and down-lighting from an arbor or gate entrance can illuminate friends and family as they admire your space. As a safety and economic measure, outdoor low voltage is a low energy alternative used on all of our lighting projects.


These are the finishing touches that really bring your landscape to life. Beautiful and healthy plants are chosen and installed with great care. No matter what the theme or design you have chosen for your new landscape, we have the horticulture knowledge to provide you the right plant for the right space. Our sod installation is the best in the business, with practically seamless lines on the day of installation. We have a large variety of sod to choose from and can help you choose the right one for your project.
Synthetic Turf:

If you have a shade area or other problem area and you are interested in turf, synthetic turf is an option for a low maintenance turf solution. Most turf installations no longer require an infill material, allowing for a more realistic look and feel to your turf. You will benefit from a longer lasting turf without watering, fertilizing and maintenance.


Our fine craftsmanship really comes through in our woodwork. Every fence, deck, arbor or trellis is custom built, and detail is our specialty. Quality heart redwood is hand picked and installed with appropriate hardware to last through the demands of changing weather. We pride ourselves on perfection and building unique structures that offer ample utility while not sacrificing aesthetic appeal. We can create a wide range of structures, and offer basic, traditional and fine detailed woodwork. All completed structures can be finished in any number of stains or a paint color of your choice.

We also use very high quality composite decking materials that help retain the global wood supplies by using recycled plastics to create excellent, long lasting alternatives for your decks, stairs and railings.